Datsun B110 1200 Rubber Parts

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Genuine Datsun 1200 B110 KB110 Rubber Parts

Option 1: Door Rubber Bumper

Option 2: Radiator Support Rubber

Option 3: Brake Line Grommet

Option 4: Door Lock Grommet

Option 5: Heater Hose Grommet

Option 6: No Longer Availiable 

Option 7: A Pillar Wiring Grommet

Option 8: RH Upper Tirm Rubber Cover Rubber

Option 9: LH Upper Trim Cover Rubber

Option 10: Bonnet Release Cable Grommet or Choke Cable

Option 11: Door Trim Clip Grommet - Pushes into Holes in Door (Also May Need Option 15)

Option 12: RH Front Door Spacer Rubber

Option 13: LH Front Door Spacer Rubber

Option 15: Door Trip Clip

Option 16: Rubber Grommet - Bumper Lights - Choke Cable - Bonnet Cable


Some Parts May Come Unpackaged Due to Being Removed From Genuine Bulk Packs

2 Week Lead Time on Parts not In Stock

Some Parts May Be NOS stock and when sold out may be NLA Genuine.

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