Genuine Oil Filters

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Genuine Nissan Oil Filters to Suit Datsun Engines

Option 1: Spin on Type

Suits A10 A12 A14 A15 Engines

Suits J13 J15 J16 Engines

Suits RB20 RB25 RB26 RB30 Engines

Suits VG20 VG30 Engines

Suits GA13 GA15 GA16 Engines

Suits VH45DE Engines

Option 2: Cartridge Type

Suits P40 Engine - G60 Nissan Patrol

Suits R16 Engine - Datsun Fairlady Datsun 411 SS

Option 3: Spin On Type - Sort or Long Version

Suits L14 L16 L18 L20B L20 L24 L26 L28

Suits Z18 Z20 Z22 Z24

Suits FJ20

Suits LD20 

Option 4: Spin on Type - Short Filter

Suits ED35

Suit FD42 FD46

Possible 2 Week Lead Time if Part Not In Stock

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